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Network Optimization Solutions

    • Load Balancers
    • Content Filtering
    • Network Firewalls
    • Caching Appliances
    • Web-Application Firewalls
    • Customer Premises Equipment

Broadband Wireless Radios

    • Li-Fi Radios
    • Free Space Optic Links
    • MMW or E-Band Radios
    • Mesh Wi-Fi Access Points
    • PDH and SDH Microwaves
    • Over the Horizon Broadband Wireless Links
    • Hybrid FSO | E-Band 20Gbps Broadband Links over         5Km  

Aggregation and Transmission Equipment

    • Load Balancers
    • Industrial Switches
    • IP and TDM Aggregation

VoLTE, VoWi-Fi or VoLTE, RCS, SS7 Signaling and Multi-ID

Voice over Long-Term Evolution “VoLTE”
Voice over LTE provides drastic cost savings and enables new services such as video calling, multi device, single number and multimedia sharing services across mobile broadband devices. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) empowers 4G LTE operators to offer rich voice, video and messaging services as a core offering.
Transformation of circuit-switched networks that carry voice to all-IP 4G LTE networks will realize cost advantages and recover inefficient spectrum for additional data capacity. With 4G, LTE operators can leverage service ubiquity, access mobility, global interoperability and universal user identity of phone numbers to enable continued monetization of voice and messaging. These fundamental values help mobile operators compete against the OTT web-based service providers and establish an environment where new user experiences can be offered to any generation of mobile devices.

Voice over WI-FI “VoWI-FI”

Mobile operators are increasingly relying on Wi-Fi as a means to offload congested cellular networks. While offloading broadband data services typically has the most impact, moving voice traffic to Wi-Fi can yield a significant benefit.

Mavenir's core network infrastructure delivers both Wi-Fi Calling and Messaging as well as VoLTE with advanced messaging.

Whether a subscriber is connected to the cellular network directly, or connected to Wi-Fi, the Mavenir Telephony Application Server delivers the same call features to the user. Deploying Mavenir's Wi-Fi Calling solution gives operators the opportunity to bring new IP services to market and monetize their IMS investment sooner.

Rich Communications Services

Mavenir’s industry leading RCS technology enables operators with IMS-based services to offer subscribers an unrivaled user experience, seamlessly incorporate traditional SMS and MMS services, and connect to 3rd party or over-the-top (OTT) applications.

With the growth of Business to Customer (B2C) Messaging, RCS is gaining momentum with global launches and a growing handset adoption.

RCS & Advanced Communications

RCS is not just a Person-to-Person messaging solution. The RCS design opens up possibilities to provide advanced communication between third party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of services such as Chatbots, Plugins, Artificial Intelligence and other third party industrial applications.

Universal Profile
The Universal Profile providing a consistent and interoperable messaging experience between all supported devices across all operators worldwide is used to support the Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP) solution enabling use of chatbots or other artificial intelligence services and allowing businesses to realize the application-to-person (A2P) potential of IP messaging.

At the heart of the Rich Communication Services is mStore, an innovative network based message store for all messaging types including text, multi-media, voice, video, fax and greetings. In addition, mStore provides storage of scheduled and retry notifications plus metadata for all messages.

Compulsory Phone Registration

The Compulsory Phone Registration CPR allows operators to control access to mobile networks, deterring device theft and fraud, and enables provisioning of optimized services based on device type.

This high-performance, 3GPP 22.016 compliant, CPR has advanced administrative and customer management capabilities allowing mobile operators use the CPR to perform checks and block any blacklisted mobile handset or equipment.

Unique amongst EIRs, Mavenir's EIR also allows operators to provide a range of extended services to improve user experience and increase revenue, such as locking subsidized handsets/equipment to specific SIM cards to ensure maintenance of subscriber contract agreements. Operators can detect and, if they choose, block cloned devices or SIM cards to eliminate fraud on their network. The CPR can be used to detect roaming subscribers from foreign networks and trigger pre-determined welcome roamer messages, encouraging network use and valuable revenue streams.

Furthermore, Mavenir have also added features to allow operators to capitalize on the centralized IMEI -IMSI management by introducing Subscriber Credit Bureau as part of Subscriber Management Platform enabling:

1. Central Subscription Fraud Detection
2. Integration with the Mobile Operators Billing System
3. Creation of a Centralized Subscribers Credit Rating as part of Each Subscriber Profile

This will allow Mobile Operators to create Revenue Streams based on Customer Behavior across all Networks rather than only assessing the Customer Behavior only on their Network without any associated risks of exposing any Private Network Data from Another Operator.

SS7 Signaling Security

Detects and blocks DOS attacks, privacy invasion, identify theft and fraud to secure the CSP’s network, their subscribers and their service revenues.

Network signaling is essential: it is the communication between the individual components of the network that enable the network to operate and to deliver services and it is the interaction between networks that is necessary to enable roaming and to enable calls and messages to go from the originator in one network to a correspondent in another network.

However, vulnerabilities are known to exist in all three main signaling protocols - SS7, Diameter and SIP - and exploits of these vulnerabilities have already been observed.

Based on decades of experience of developing and deploying our own signaling stacks and networks elements that use them, Mavenir’s SS7, Diameter and SIP signaling solutions protect the network against:

• Denial of service attacks targeting whole networks, or specific individuals;

• Privacy Invasion such as location tracking and interception of and/or eaves-dropping on calls or messaging;

• Identity theft leading to fraudulent service use, including fraudulent access to other (non-operator) services such as online banking;

• Fraud including bypass of charging for service use and network-network fraud.

Mavenir’s SS7, Diameter and SIP Signaling Firewalls enable Mobile Network Operators and Telecom Regulators to secure and protect the network, the services delivered and the subscribers that use them.


Consumers today have personas for work, home and their personal lives often requiring them to manage several different contact numbers. For the first time, they will have a differentiated and native experience where they can send and receive voice, video and messaging across multiple devices using a single number, including messages, call logs and voicemail synchronization, as well, they can assign multiple numbers to a single device– all with carrier grade quality.

Multi-ID is easily set up by enabling one single identity that is attached to all numbers associated with one person. Consumers can simply open the operator’s native application on any mobile device, make calls, listen to voicemails and send or receive text messages. Once one identity is set up to span all devices, it's ubiquitous, crosses the ecosystem and can be used interchangeably at any given moment.

Multiple phone lines, and features can be assigned to one customer on a single device – thereby eliminating the need to carry multiple devices (e.g. work / personal phone).

Any smart device can be personalized to act as one’s own mobile phone, whether on as needed basis or as a permanent extension of one’s identity across multiple devices.

While Multi-ID capability is ideally suited for VoLTE networks, it can also be deployed in any existing 2G/3G Network.

The Multi-ID solution is powered by Mavenir’s IMS core, Voice and Rich Messaging applications, Unified Communications Store, and downloadable Android and iOS clients. This is a fully cloud native solution built on a micro-service architecture for Cloud or Operator hosted NFV environments. Multi-ID is available as a standalone platform, or as part of Mavenir’s broad suite of network solutions for mobile operators.

Personalization and Secured Documents at the Point of Issuance 

Troy Group enables printing Non-Fraudulent Documents using various types of techniques including Micro-Printing, Watermarks, UV Toners and Indelible Ink. This approach is shifting the Secured Documents from a Centralized Approach to personalization and printing non-Fraudulent Documents at the point of issuance where and whenever required!

The Software and Accessories are supplied by Troy, company formed in 1963 with a solid track record and is the only company having accessories such as Ink and Toners certified and supported by HP Worldwide!

The unique technology of Lead Crystal® Batteries

To overcome the fundamental flaws of both the lead-acid battery and the gel battery, Betta Batteries successfully developed five battery patented technological innovations in Lead Crystal® Batteries.

The patented technology found in Lead Crystal® Battery applications uses an advanced formula to replace traditional sulfuric acid solutions which in turn improves the application and safety performance of the battery.

It overcomes the disadvantages of plate sulfation in the battery, has good wide temperature, deep-discharge and overcharge performance thus greatly improving product life.

What is a Lead Crystal® battery?
The unique Lead Crystal® battery consists of a number of special features including: a micro porous super absorbent mat (SAM), thick plates cast from high purity lead calcium selenium alloy (which ensures an extended life), and a SiO2 based electrolyte solution. During the charge / discharge cycles the electrolyte solidifies and forms a white crystalline powder. This eventually results in a safer, high performing and environmentally friendlier battery. The Lead Crystal® battery can be used as a substitute for most battery technologies in the lead category, such as lead acid, lead gel and AGM.

What is the storage capacity of a Lead Crystal® battery?
The Lead Crystal® has an extremely low self-discharge and can be stored for more than two years without any top-up charging prior to use.
At what temperatures can Lead Crystal® batteries be used?
Lead Crystal® batteries can operate in a wide temperature range from -40°C to +65°C. Lead Crystal® batteries can even be charged below zero degrees C.

Are Lead Crystal® batteries safe?
Lead Crystal® batteries hold less acid, no cadmium, no antimony. Lead Crystal® batteries are up to 99% recyclable and are classified as non-hazardous goods for transport.

Do Lead Crystal® batteries charge faster than lead acid, lead gel or AGM batteries?
Yes, Lead Crystal® batteries can be charged up to 3°C without any impact on their cycle life. This means they can be charged 2-3 faster than other batteries.