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Fiber Optic Services

     ● Design and Construction Drawing Production / As-built Document Production
     ● Cable Laying Manual or Blowing / Splicing / Termination / Testing
     ● Trenching / Micro trenching / Ducting / Micro Ducting
     ● Right of Way Negotiation and Civil Services
     ● Procurement of Equipment

Wireless Broadband

        ●  Customized and Over the Horizon Wireless Links
        ●  Cost Effective Point to Point PDH & SDH Microwaves
        ●  Point to Multi-Point self healing and Organizing Radios

        ●  Li-Fi, Mesh Wi-Fi, E-Band, MMW and Free Space Optic Radios.

On the one hand, IG is a one stop shop for wireless communications equipment needed for today's bandwidth thirsty market. The wide range of applications include point to point links for corporate backbone, industrial networking, government and society connectivity solutions, rural area communications, wireless ISPs and many other applications. International Gateway Wireless Broadband Solutions provide a service infrastructure in which distance and bandwidth are no longer the limits for your business. In short, International Gateway is a one stop shop to Wireless as we cover all frequencies, architectures, throughput and transmission requirements.

Last Mile Connectivity & Backhaul Solutions

International Gateway expertise covers Wire-Line and Wireless Technologies particularly xDSL, Giga-Passive Optical Networks, PDH/SDH Microwaves, Broadband IP-Wireless, Hybrid FSO | E-Band 20Gbps Wireless Broadband Links and Over the Horizon Radios enabling Links exceeding 200Kms without Repeaters all of which are necessary components for Last Mile Connectivity and Backhaul Applications fulfilling various market segments particularly Internet and Data Service Providers, Mobile Operators, Broadcasters, International Organizations.

Satellite Connectivity VSAT Solutions & Teleport Services

International Gateway primary objective is to utilize an ever developed, state of the art infrastructures providing reliable satellite communication services enabling the transmission of Voice, Data, Internet and Video throughout Africa, the Middle East and CIS Countries covering all market segments particularly Internet and Data Service Providers, Mobile Operators, Broadcasters, International Organizations and NGOs.

Digital Mobile, Tetra and P25 Radios

IG and Partners are solution providers of Professional Mobile Radio communications, is dedicated to complete and customized communication solutions to government, public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business for higher organizational efficiency based on DMR, PDT, European TETRA and American P25 Technologies.

Digital Financial Services

Digital Financial Platform (DFP) is a fully managed Airtime Credit & Airtime Advance platform that offers a unique technology to monetize out-of-credit subscribers.

The OPEX/CAPEX-free solution distributes up to 30% of the MNOs prepaid airtime credit & airtime advance sales, with no financial risks to the operators.

Airtime Credit & Airtime Advance solutions provide satisfaction to customers of MNOs, increasing loyalty.

Usage of disruptive technologies in advance credit & advance airtime rating, campaign management and analytics to promote financial inclusion and other innovative services:

Prepay to post-pay migration
Reduce the cost of acquisition and increase conversion, risk-free

Xtra Cash
Instantaneous and hassle-free access to micro-loans on mobile wallets, bank accounts or as cash

Handset loans
Increase 3G/4G handset penetration within your network and boost loyalty and data revenues

Pay-as-you-go electricity
Loans to conveniently unlock energy supply at home when you are out of pocket.

Advance money to your subscribers and allow monthly installment repayment. 

National Spectrum Monitoring and Management

Every aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum faces its own unique challenges. Dense signal environments. Difficult terrain. New generations of signal threats. IG and Partners diverse experience delivers proven solutions tailored to meet these challenges, and more.

Government agencies, as well as network operators and security services rely on National Spectrum Monitoring and Management Solutions. IG and Partners deliver actionable, real-time signal and geolocation data to deal with both deliberate and accidental frequency interference with helps defend high-value areas such as government facilities, embassies, airports, harbors and public venues. 

Consultancy Services

Our experience of mature and emerging markets, combined with deep understanding of the structuring changes affecting the telecoms market, make us a valued partner for operators and governments.

In the ongoing digital revolution, IG and Partners assist customers’ digital transformation, boost their operational performance and service differentiation. IG and Partners has developed highly innovative approaches to specific challenges such as customer experience management, B2B, smart services, security, m-banking, e-government and change management.

Power Management Services and Leasing Wireless Capacity

In response to the rapidly rising market trend, IG and Partners lead the Telecom Energy Managed Services by providing customers with offering beyond the basic preventive and corrective maintenance for Power.

In addition to the Power Managed Services, International Gateway offering includes leasing Wireless Bandwidth Capacity. 

Telecom Infrastructures

Core Telecom infrastructure requires proper Outside Plant Works, Managed Services and Line Field Management. International Gateway is a provider of cost effective state of the art Towers, Shelters, VSAT Earth Stations and other required components that deems to be necessary while deploying core infrastructures.

Furthermore, in the emerging markets, the lack of proper Information Communication Technologies is unfortunately combined with the lack of proper Power Infrastructure. Such electrical requirements geared International Gateway to enter the Power Era by specializing in delivering solutions combining Batteries, Diesel Generators and Solar Energy.